There’s no worse feeling than having your perfectly tucked-in shirt start to creep up. Maybe you’ve tried folding the sides or wearing a tighter belt, or (god forbid) even tucking your shirt into your boxers, all to no avail. But did you know a solution to this age-old problem actually exists?

Enter: the best shirt stays. This nifty device ensures a tight tuck every time. These little contraptions typically work by clipping a piece of elastic onto a shirt hem and a pair of socks for an all-day-hold. Though at this point, there are dozens of styles, all with the same end goal: a flawlessly tucked-in shirt.

So whether it’s required for your uniform or you’re simply sick of looking like a slob, keep reading for the best shirt stays for men that will keep your shirt looking crisp through thick or thin. Here’s our complete round-up of the best options on the market today.

Best Overall Shirt Stays:
NV Holders 2.0 Premium Shirt Stays at Amazon
Best Garter Style Shirt Stays:
Kedofe Adjustable Garter Shirt Stays at Amazon
Best Polo Shirt Stays:
World’s Best Shirt Stays at Amazon
Best Dress Shirt Stays:
FancyBoy Signature Gray Check Shirt Stays at Ebay
Best Stirrup Shirt Stays:
Comfy Clothiers Stirrup Shirt Stays at Amazon
Best Shirt Stays on Amazon:
Hold’Em Stirup Style Shirt Stays at Amazon
Best Hybrid Style Shirt Stays:
Upgraded Style Shirt Stays at Amazon
Best Shirt Stays for Daily Use:
Heavy Duty Shirt Stays at Amazon
Best Belt Style Shirt Stays:
Tuck-It Belt Style Shirt Stay at Amazon