The best ties for men are chic, understated, and elevate the tailoring it accessorizes. King Louis XIV of France knew this. During the Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648), he noticed Croatian mercenaries using a neck fabric to keep their jackets tied up. Allegedly, he liked their neckties so much that he made them compulsory for royal occasions and nicknamed them “le cravate.” Hence, the term cravat today.

This timeworn accessory will tie up (oh dear) the loose ends in your tailoring and bring a sprinkling of sartorial panache. Consider the equally mundane and profound moments you’ll be wearing your best ties—weddings, funerals, offices, holidays, birthdays, boardrooms, airport waiting lounges, and fancy restaurants. Do yourself a favor and get a good one.

But which one(s)? While they’re not the most complex accessory in your wardrobe, there are certain things to know before bulldozing into the haberdasher, like how do you wear a tie?. Join us on a walk through an HTML closet of digital best ties where we hope you come out at the other end with a real one in your hand. Keep reading.

Best Overall Tie:
Navy and Rust Broad Stripe Wool Tie at Drake’s
Best Bow Tie:
Gucci Pre-Tied Velvet Bow Tie at Mr. Porter
Best Skinny Tie:
Brunello Cucinelli Striped Silk Tie at Saks Fifth Avenue
Best Silk Tie:
Shoryu Tie at Percival
Best Long Tie:
Turnbull & Asser Tomorrow Never Dies Silk James Bond Tie at Turnbull & Asser
Best Dress Tie:
Minotaure Tie at Hermès
Best Ascot Tie:
Daniel at The Cravat Club
Best Bolo Tie:
Saffiano Leather Bolo Tie at Prada
Best Wedding Tie:
Barrow Linen Tie at Reiss
Best Affordable Tie:
Belluno Floral Skinny Tie for Men at Amazon