Consider, if you will, your life.

And now consider how that sentence was the last thing you expected to read when you opened an article about the different types of jeans for men. But alas, here we are. So let’s just roll with it, shall we?

Your life takes you in countless directions. Work, happy hours, coffee runs, music festivals, international travels, casual dates, day hikes, sitting on park benches trying to figure out how birds are things. Point is: jeans. Jeans are the throughline here. No matter what you’re doing, there’s a strong chance you’re wearing denim while doing it. So the question is, why are you always wearing the same type?

There are as many jean styles for men as there are perfect circumstances in which to wear them. From bootcut to straight leg, skinny fit to regular fit, and everywhere in between, it’s all about maximizing your comfort by diversifying your denim.

And with that, these are the 11 types of jeans for men that should be on your radar and in your closet.


Grabbing the first pair of comfortable jeans you can find and calling it a day is an easy trap to fall into. But with so many different types of jeans at your disposal, it makes sense to make your denim choices based on your lifestyle and activities. I’m barely scratching the surface with my list of 11 types of jeans for men, but it’ll help lay the foundation for comparing the most popular and versatile options out there.

Straight Leg:
Bogus Straight Jeans at Closed
Loose Fit:
Loose Fit Jeans at Wax London
Regular Fit:
5 Pocket Jeans at Corridor
Low Rise:
Archive Jeans at Axel Arigato
Men’s Everyday Denim at ISTO
High Rise:
Organic Italian at Corridor
Oakland Jeans at Closed
Wide Leg:
Kane Wide Jeans at The Frankie Shop
Bootcut :
Wrangler Cowboy Cut at Amazon
Slim Fit:
Tom Ford Slim Fit at Mr Porter