Never has an article titled The Best Wool Sweaters for Men are Dead been written. That’s because it has never happened and will never happen. That’s a bold claim. If the wool sweater has proved so popular throughout the years, then which is the best men’s wool sweater available right now? That’s the premise of this incredibly pro-wool article.

There are a number of reasons the wool sweater is one of the most steadfast pieces in the modern male’s autumn/winter wardrobe. Wool is a magical material sourced conventionally from sheep, though other mammals across the planet also produce wool. We’ll get to that. Scientists have tried and failed to synthetically reproduce the most ancient and natural of fibers. Dumb scientists.

Essentially, it’s a keratin-based fiber, and its list of natural attributes is about as long as mohair fiber. Biodegradable, highly insulating, absorbs water while also water resistant, anti-odorous, anti-bacterial, durable, and even flame retardant. Just think about the last time you saw a sheep in a field on fire. It doesn’t happen.

The men’s wool sweater is a perfect winter compadre not only for the practicality just pointed out but for the versatility and stylishness, it brings. Either as lightweight knitwear, a cardigan, a sleeveless sweater-vest, a thick knit, or some fluffy graphics, the men’s wool sweater is the ultimate winter choice (when done right).

We’re here to show you how to do it right. With these best men’s wool sweaters, you’re just one wool sweater away from peak winter style.


The best men’s wool sweater is constructed from high-quality or considered materials. Take the soft, insulating pure Scottish lambswool crew neck by Sunspel. Or the durable blend of alpaca, wool, polyamide, and cotton, as in the case of our Toast selection. You also want a piece that is both versatile and achingly stylish. We believe the Axel Arigato Team Sweater fulfills all these promises, making it the crowned best men’s wool sweater.

Overall Best Wool Sweater for Men:
Team Sweater at Axel Arigato
Best Merino Wool Sweater:
Merino Wool Sweater at ISTO
Best Cotton and Wool Sweater:
Wool & Cotton Jumper at Closed
Best Wool Zip Up Sweater:
The Easy Zip Sweatshirt Navy Merino Wool at L’Estrange
Best Bright Wool Sweater:
Brushed Wool Crewneck Percival
Best Wool Turtleneck Sweater For Men:
Wills Aran Cable Turtleneck Sweater at Huckberry
Best Wool Cable Knit Sweater:
Patched Cable Crew Knit Sweater at Gant
Best Thick Wool Sweater:
Classic Ragg Wool Sweater Full Zip Flannel Lined at L.L. Bean
Best Cashmere and Wool Sweater:
Rhude Ayrton Logo Sweater at Mr. Porter
Best Mohair and Wool Sweater:
Regular Fit Striped Mohair Blend Jumper Beige at COS