It’s no secret that wearing glasses can rain on your parade when it comes to styling. Unlike watches or ties, glasses are the one accessory that typically stays the same, even as you rotate through different outfits, days, and seasons. And if you only have one or two pairs (like the rest of us), it may feel like your look is limited to one lane.

But what if there was a way to match your glasses to even your most outlandish, wear-only-once getup? And what if there was a way to do it without having to invest in dozens of pairs of costly prescription lenses? Because let’s be real… who actually has the space to store 5+ pairs of glasses.

Gentleman, the solution to your problem and the savior of drab outfits: Pair Eyewear. A brand that’s revolutionizing the glasses game by letting you lean into your personal style – without spending thousands to do it. If you’re done being constrained by the same boring frames, keep reading to discover how to customize your glasses with Pair for warm weather and beyond.


Pair Eyewear’s mission is to make glasses an extension of your personality. Rather than staring back at the same specs day after day, Pair’s innovative top frames lead to personalized glasses in seconds.

Beyond the hundreds of colors and patterns to choose from, the brand also has a plethora of Sun Tops that transform normal prescription glasses into sunglasses. With fair pricing and endless options to customize your specs, Pair is changing the game, one lens at a time.

Considering the sun has already returned with vigor this season, keep reading to learn how to create custom glasses with Pair for an effortless summer style.


Base frames are exactly what they sound like: the foundational building blocks for personalized glasses. They’re essentially a standard pair of glasses, similar to what you’d find at an optometrist.

Pair offers eight base frames for men in a variety of shapes and six neutral colors, making it easy to find some that suit your style.

If you’re not sure what to choose (or even where to start), make a beeline for Pair’s virtual try on, which connects to your device’s camera and allows you to cycle through the different base frames. This feature is incredible because you can see what the glasses look like on your face, all from the comfort of your home. You can also test out the different color options to have a full picture before purchasing.

Base frames include standard prescription lenses—no hidden fees here. We’re huge fans of The Otis in Clear and The Soto in Tortoise for spring and summer. Both exude the carefree attitude that can make any summer ‘fit shine. Plus, clear and tortoise are exceptionally easy to match with monochrome or various colored outfits.


Once you settle on a trusty set of base frames, choose a lens option that suits your needs and preferences.

Aside from single-vision prescription lenses, Pair also offers progressives, reading glasses, and non-prescription lenses, so you can take advantage of the brand’s customization even if you’re rocking twenty-twenty vision.

All lenses are included in the cost of the base frames, aside from progressives which incur an additional fee. However, you also have the option to upgrade your selected lenses to ensure they work for you.

Choose from Premium, Blue-Light Filtering, and Light Responsive options to cater to your individual vision needs. Light-responsive glasses are particularly handy for warmer weather since the lenses tint when exposed to UV rays.

I always opt for Blue-Light lenses, considering the amount of time I spend on FashionBeans (wink-wink).


Ok, so you’ve got the glasses and can finally see what you’re doing – it’s time for the fun part: customizing them with top frames. Top frames are the true draw to Pair and give you a personalized look with any glasses you choose.

Top frames are colored or patterned skins that snap onto your base frames to change the style of your glasses. You can think of them kind of like interchangeable phone cases (but for your face).

This is the most affordable way to get dozens of options out of a single pair of base frames, making Pair Eyewear the ultimate accessory for year-round wear. Feeling particularly happy on a Wednesday? Snap on bright top frames, and you’ve got yourself a whole new man. Rotate through different colors during the week, or opt for a spunky pattern to brighten up a special occasion.

Pair has hundreds of top frames to choose from, ranging from ultra minimalist to limited edition collections. In terms of accessorizing warm weather outfits, check out top frames like the Slate Dip Dye (best for minimalists), the Navy Gingham (serious picnic vibes), or the exclusive Van Gogh Jubilee top frames, which say “I’m cultured from head to toe.”

Don’t be surprised when your glasses are the new talking point of any outfit.


In terms of glasses during the warmer seasons, we’d be remiss not to mention the sun. I mean, you could battle between swapping glasses every time you go outside. Or you can make things easier for yourself with Pair’s Sun Tops.

Rather than having a dedicated pair of sunglasses, Sun Tops snap onto Pair’s base frames to turn glasses into shades in a split second. There are countless options to choose from, so you can easily match them to your daily look as well.

Sun Tops come with polarized lenses and a scratch-resistant coating, making them ideal for everything from your next spontaneous road trip to Sunday afternoons lazing on the beach. The convenience is unparalleled, and this system allows you to have dozens of prescription sunglasses for the price of a single traditional pair.

Classicists will appreciate the standard Black Sun Tops, while more expressive gents have options like the Black and White Sun Tops, which feature vibrant orange lenses, or the eye-catching Wood Grain Sun Tops for a natural, warm weather look.

If you’d rather opt for traditional sunglasses, Pair has you covered in that department, too. Pair’s sunglasses come in all of the brand’s signature base frames and color combinations. But you also get to choose the lens color, available as polarized, reflective, single vision, or progressive.

At the end of the day, Pair Eyewear empowers glasses wearers to showcase their unique personalities. They’ve turned eyeglasses into a coveted accessory, and we’re proud to announce that four eyes are this summer’s top fashion statement.



Since Pair has so many options in the top frame department, turning your glasses into the season’s hottest accessory is a piece of cake.

To really make a splash with your glasses this summer, consider matching Top Frames to similar hues in your clothes, footwear, and outfit extras like belts or bags. This will result in a sleek, put-together ensemble that will make your glasses a talking point instead of an eyesore.

In order to really stand out, choose bright top frames like the classic Red or the Matcha Split, which are easy to match with colorful accessories. Or keep things subtle but interesting, with options like Woodgrain or Black Tie-Dye top frames for more parred back, monochrome looks.


Instead of wearing the same generic sunglasses all summer long, use Pair’s Sun Tops to spice up your UV protection. This innovative feature allows you to have multiple pairs of sunglasses for a fraction of the price, so don’t be afraid to stock up as warm weather creeps closer.

Since Sun Tops snap onto Pair base frames via a magnetic attachment, you no longer have to splurge on prescription sunglasses. Sun Tops are the easiest way to customize your prescription lenses for UV rays and glare, whether you’re hanging by the pool or driving to your next adventure. Gone are the days of choosing between being able to see and sun protection.

For beach days, we’re huge fans of the Tortoise and Ocean Blue Sun Tops. For a more subtle look, opt for the Gold Reflective Sun Tops, which will carry you from your commute to the cabana with ease.


Since Pair has budget-friendly pricing for prescription glasses, it’s a breeze to try out new shapes without breaking the bank. Warm weather is a great time to test out different frames, and Pair’s virtual try on makes it simple to see them on your face before committing.

For summer, we’re gravitating towards rounder frames like The Soto or The Reese in lighter colors. These styles look effortless with shorts, linen, and resort wear. It’s also worth keeping in mind that no matter what frame shape you settle on, they’ll be compatible with Pair’s Top Frames and Sun Tops to customize your new glasses based on your personal style.


Having the freedom to personalize your glasses opens up a whole new world of possibilities in the style department. Instead of settling for boring prescription frames, Pair has finally turned eyewear into the versatile accessory it should have been all along. With Pair, you’ll always have glasses that suit your unique style and affordable access to prescription sunglasses without having to invest in new frames (can you tell we’re obsessed with Sun Tops?). Glasses wearers, your time is finally here.