The last thing you want to worry about while scrambling to pack for a spontaneous trip is an unreliable pair of shoes that might fall apart on you.

There’s a delicate art in picking the best travel shoes for men. You want something versatile, that can ideally work in casual and formal settings. If you’re flying, you need to take into consideration how easily your shoes can slip on and off when TSA inevitably rummages through everything you have.

You might already own some quality footwear in your collection, but do you have something to rely on when going from point A to point B? What you really need is a new pair of footwear to embark on your next excursion.

Luckily, an entire sub-genre of footwear has opened up on the market, designed to accommodate many travel necessities and then some. As travel becomes more prominent for work and life, so has the development of travel shoes. A great men’s travel shoe should be efficient to put on, comfortable to walk in, and great to look at.

All the shoes on this list check these boxes while bringing their own unique characteristics to the table. Whatever you might need, you can find it within this lineup. So, let’s break down 9 of the best travel shoes for men, to bring out your inner cosmopolitan.


The best option to accompany you on your next getaway is the Wilson loafer from Helm Boots. These loafers feature a modern take on the classic penny-loafer design, offering a ton of versatility no matter where you go and what you do.

The Original dress shoe from Amberjack is also one of the best travel shoes for men, balancing style and comfort in a single package.

Best Overall:
The Wilson at Helm
Best Luxury:
Everdon Wholecut Mid at Crown Northampton
Best Outdoor:
Sunset Sneaker at Tropicfeel
Best Cold Weather:
OCA Therma High at Cariuma
Best on Amazon:
Cole Haan Grand Crosscourt II Sneaker at Amazon
Best Athletic:
Trail Glove 7 at Merrell
Best Budget:
Tread Sneaker at Perry Ellis
Best Trending Option:
Everyday Move Slip-Ons at Vessi
Best Staple:
The Original at Amberjack