When it comes to breaking the ice, there’s nothing quite as effective as one of the best pickup lines. Whether you opt for something corny or clever, the right pickup line can kill any awkwardness and put you on the fast track to date number one.

No matter what kind of pickup line you’re looking for, you’ll find a good one on this list. Keep reading to level up your one-liner game with the 117 best options.

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These are some of the best (and corniest) pickup lines of all time:

  1. On a scale from 1 to America, how free are you this weekend?

2. Are you French? Cause ma-damn, you’re fine.

3. Life without you is like a broken pencil: pointless.

4. Are you a parking ticket? Cause you’ve got fine written all over you.

5. Do you smoke pot? Cause weed be cute together.

6. Aside from stealing hearts, what do you do?

7. Are you a beaver? Because DAM!

8. I’m not religious, but you’re the answer to all of my prayers.

9. There must be something wrong with my eyes… because I can’t take them off of you.

10. Are you good at math? Me neither. The only number I care about is yours.

11. Do you have a name? Or can I call you mine?

12. Is your name Google? Cause you’re exactly what I’ve been searching for.

13. Is it hot in here? Or is it just you?

14. Are you HTTP? Because without you, I’m only ://

15. Have you ever been to jail? Because it should be illegal to be that good-looking.

Best Tinder Pickup Lines

Swiping around for your next conquest? After you get the match, these are the best pickup lines to get them from your phone to a first date.

1. If being beautiful was a crime, you’d be on the most wanted list.

2. Is your last name Ford? Cause I Mustang with you.

3. I believe in following my dreams… So you lead the way.

4. Are you a time traveler? Because I see you in my future.

5. I seem to have lost my number… can I have yours?

6. Is your license suspended from driving all these guys crazy?

7. Should we get coffee? Cause I like you a latte.

8. Good thing I have a library card because I’m checking you out.

9. I see you like tequila… Does that mean you’ll give me a shot?

10. My parents told me to follow my dreams, so can I have your Instagram?


Females are some of the most mystifying creatures on earth, so cut right to the chase with the best pickup lines for women. While they may not make her *swoon*, they’ll definitely get a smile out of her.

  1. What number should I use to text you goodnight?

2. Are you a boxer? Because you’re a total knockout.

3. Do you know what my shirt is made from? Boyfriend material.

4. Is your name Chamomile? Cause you’re a hot-tea!

5. Hi, I’m Mr. Right. I hear you’ve been looking for me.

6. You know what’s beautiful? Read the first word.

7. Do you work at NASA? Because your beauty is out of this world.

8. Wow, you look a lot like my next girlfriend.


Tried and true, these are the best cheesy pickup lines if you want them to brie yours.

  1. Are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the only ten I see.

2. Did it hurt? When you fell from heaven.

3. Do you have a map? Cause I got lost in your eyes.

4. I always thought happiness started with ‘h,’ but turns out it begins with ‘u.’

5. I’m going to need to step outside because you just took my breath away.

6. Are you tired? From running through my mind all day.

7. Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk past again?

8. Are you Nemo? Cause I’ve been trying to find you.

9. Do you have a bandaid? Because I’m falling for you.

10. Do you know CPR? Because you took my breath away.

11. Did you know that your body is made up of 60% water? Good thing I’m thirsty.

12. Are you made of cheese? Cause you’re looking Gouda!


Sliding into their DMs? These pickup lines are an easy way to break the ice.

  1. Are we at the museum? Because you look like a work of art.

2. I’m no photographer, but I can picture us together.

3. Good thing summer’s over because I’m falling for you.

4. I’d like to take you to the movies, but they don’t allow you to bring snacks in.

5. Are you a keyboard? Cause you’re just my type.

6. You must be a broom because you’ve swept me off my feet.

7. It’s time to pay up because you’ve been living in my mind rent-free.

8. Do you fish? Cause you have me hooked.

9. So, when’s the wedding?

10. Are you my neighbor’s WiFi router? Cause I really wish you were a bit closer.

11. Just to be clear, I’m a felon… cause I felon love with you.

12. Are you a squirrel? Because you can have deez nuts.


There are few things in life more important than a sense of humor, which is why the best funny pickup lines are sure to make a splash with anyone you’re trying to woo.

  1. Are you French? Because Eiffel for you.

2. If I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put U and I together.

3. We’re not pants, but we’d make a great pair.

4. If you were a fruit, you’d be a fine-apple.

5. Do you like Star Wars? Cause Yoda only one for me.

6. If you were a Transformer, you’d be Optimus Fine.

7. Did you invent the airplane? Because you’re Wright for me!

8. Are you a sergeant? Because you’ve got me at full attention.

9. You’re garbage! I guess I’ll have to take you out.

10. Want to have sex during Daylight Savings, so it lasts for an hour and thirty seconds?

11. Are you a medieval torture method? Cause you are a-macing.

12. Your eyes are like Ikea: easy to get lost in.

13. If you were a president, you’d be BABEraham Lincoln.

14. Are you a sea lion? Because I can sea you lion in my bed later.

15. Are you a Nissan? Because I want you Altima self.


Flirting can be challenging, especially if you, well, don’t know how to flirt. These flirty pickup lines will get you a leg up with whoever you’d like to impress.

  1. I know where you’d look the most beautiful… in my arms.

2. My phone isn’t working, can you try giving me a call?

3. You have GPS, right? Because I’m lost in your eyes.

4. I think you’re suffering from a lack of Vitamin Me.

5. Are you a tub of ice cream? Cause I wanna spoon you all night.

6. Are you my big toe? Cause I’m gonna bang you on every piece of furniture in my house.

7. I usually go for 8’s, but I guess I can settle for a 10.

8. My new favorite numbers are 1 and 4 because I’m the 1 4 you.

Is that a mirror in your pants? Cause I can see myself in them.

They say nice guys finish last, but a true gentleman finishes second.


There ain’t nothing like a good old-fashioned one-liner, and these quick pickup lines are no exception. Try these for a witty opening that packs a huge punch.

  1. If you let me borrow a kiss, I promise to give it right back.

2. If you were a triangle, you’d be acute one.

3. Well, here I am. What are your other two wishes?

4. If you were a booger, I’d pick you first.

5. Are you a taser? Cause you’re stunning.

6. If you were a typeface, you’d be fine print.

7. I wasn’t playing cards, but I still picked a Queen.

8. ‘How you doin’?’ – Joey voice


Nothing says holiday spirit quite like a naughty pickup line. Here are the best Christmas pickup lines to get in the mood (and no, they are not Santa-approved).

  1. Can I take a picture of you so I can show Santa exactly what I want this year?

2. How about a not so Silent Night?

3. It appears the tree is missing its angel.

4. Is your name Rudolph? Because you totally sleigh.

5. Are you Christmas? Because I want to Merry you.

6. That Christmas tree isn’t going to be the only thing with an angel on top of it.

7. I’m like Santa… I can go all night long.

8. The Grinch may have stolen Christmas, but you’ve stolen my heart.

9. Is your name winter? Because you’ll be coming soon.

10. Call me a Christmas tree because you’re turning me on.

11. Tis the season of giving, so give me your phone number?


Skip the flowers and chocolate and go right to these Valentine’s Day pickup lines. They’ll have the same effect, right?

  1. Of all your curves, your smile is my favorite.

2. Your hand looks heavy… Can I hold it for you?

3. You’re a 9 out of 10, and I’m the 1 you need.

4. Call the CDC cause your smile is contagious!

5. Are you a box of chocolates? Cause I want to take your top off and eat you all night.

6. Roses are okay, violets are fine. You be the 6, and I’ll be the 9.

7. Roses are red, my face is too… This only happens to me when I’m with you.


Since dating majorly happens in the online world, these are the best pickup lines to use over text to get that foot in the door.

  1. Uyo are ucte. Whoops, there I go again, always putting U first.

2. Good thing I have life insurance because you make my heart stop.

3. I lost my teddy bear, can I hold you instead?

4. I don’t do drugs, but I’m high on you.

5. Hey, my name’s Microsoft. Can I crash at your place tonight?

6. Let’s flip a coin: heads I’m yours, and tails you’re mine.

7. Did you feel that earthquake? Never mind, it was you rocking my world.

8. Are you a Pokemon? Cause I wanna take a Pikacu!