The men’s grooming market is massive. According to a recent study by Statista, the industry was worth just under $85 billion in 2023, and is set to skyrocket to $115 billion in five years. Not only have dudes been spending a lot of money (and time) eliminating forehead wrinkles and tightening up jawlines, getting brighter eyes has also been a pretty big focus over the past couple of years.

Your eyes can say a lot about you. For example, puffiness shows that you’re probably not getting enough sleep. Crow’s feet suggest that you’re probably not moisturising enough. Luckily for you, Diane Ackers, beauty expert at Doctors Formula Cosmeceuticals, is here to share five steps on how to get brighter eyes, all from the comfort of your own home.

How to get brighter eyes

#1: Get the goods

Your eyes have to put up with a helluva lot. Not only is the skin that surrounds them some of the most delicate in your entire body, they’re also exposed to all manners of pollution and UV rays. So if you want brighter eyes, you need to start investing in products that will actually protect and support them. Did we mention that you blink 28,000 times every single day? That’s a lot of movement.

“Whether it be an eye cream, gel, serum, or oil, the eye area requires something more than just your everyday moisturiser to treat the skin and keep your eyes radiant,” says Ackers. “Eye products should be lighter in consistency, readily absorbed, and applied with featherlight pressure so as not to overload or drag the skin around the eye area on application.”

#2: Make it yours

It might tempting to just jump into your local pharmacy and buy as many creams and serums as possible, but that’s a big waste of your hard-earned cash. Instead, look in the mirror and ask yourself what you really want to achieve from your everyday eyecare. Do you want brighter eyes? Do you want to prevent wrinkles? Do you want to banish dark circles? Make your routine truly yours, and look for stuff that will actually benefit your skin.

“Eyecare with stearic acid can help to replenish essential fatty acids in the skin, hyaluronic acid will give you a hydration lift, and aloe vera will help to soothe and cool,” says Ackers. “Or seek out some probiotic eyecare. Packed with active hydrators, these will help to recharge your eye area’s natural microbiome and strengthen the skins invisible shield, for a firmer, more luminous eye appearance.”

#3: Scrub up well

While you’re buying those good, good products, you should look into gentle exfoliators as well – more specifically – those with AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) and BHAs (beta hydroxy acids). Using these can result in brighter eyes and can revitalise the skin around them too.

“With no harsh grit or ingredients that can scratch the skin’s surface, AHA and BHA creams or gel formulations can be applied over the delicate skin to remove excessive dead skin cells,” says Ackers. “If you’re feeling a little extra, follow it up with a skin boosting eye mask to minimise fine lines, increase hydration, and moisturisation.”

#4: Less is more

When applying eye products, you might want to just slather it on like you do with your face or your hands, but you need to think quality over quantity here. Use about the size of a pea, smooth between your fingers, and then apply it gently.

“Whether it be with or without an SPF, where and how you apply can make all the difference,” says Ackers. “Only apply through the brow bone, temple area, and beneath the eye area with a delicate touch via your ring finger. If you suffer with dark circles, encourage the lymphatic flow with a little tapping, rolling, or tapotement to stimulate what lies beneath.”

#5: Keep it cool

It’s time to make a little room in your fridge next to your milk and eggs, because chilling your skincare is a genuine thing that experts actually recommend doing. You can actually buy dedicated skincare fridges nowadays, so yeah, go off.

“If you suffer from dark circles and puffiness especially after you wake up, keep your eye products in the fridge,” says Ackers. “Formulas that have been stored here can help to temporarily reduce the appearance of these. It can also feel so much more refreshing, especially on a sweltering hot summer’s day or when you’ve been cooped up in the office for far too long.”