Huge jeans, Y2K sunglasses, leather blazers, even Calvin Klein-coded white-tees-and-denim – fashion’s ’90s revival is inescapable, and even better this time round. It makes sense, then, that our nostalgia is also manifesting in grooming. Whether it’s the curtains of a young Robbie Williams, a Boyz II Men buzz, or the frosted tips of an ’NSync-era Justin Timberlake, the cuts owning the moment borrow plenty from the golden days of boybands. So, with the help of hairstylist Shunsuke Meguro, we’ve updated the smash lids of the ’90s for the guys of 2024.

This style is all about texture – and it works really well with wavy hair. “Dante already had a great mullet-style haircut, so I wanted to use his natural wavy texture,” says Meguro. When you’re getting the chop, ask your stylist to take some thickness out of the body and make sure it’s shaggy on the ends, keeping it long on the sideburns and at the nape. “To style this at home, use a sea salt spray and scrunch it by hand in sections before diffusing with a hairdryer,” Meguro explains. “Complete the look by flicking out the sideburns and the neckline.” For an even messier finish, you could try a matte clay, too.

Box Braids

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As well as having ’90s appeal, box braids are a protective style for Afro hair that tucks the curls away to keep them healthy. Start by using a deeply moisturising conditioner and detangling with a hair pik. Then, separate the hair into sections, balancing them equally across the scalp, and use a gel while braiding one by one. “When it comes to styling, they’re very easy,” says Meguro. “You’ll need to clean up the edges and flyaways, so it’s best to use a hair mousse all over and then diffuse with a hairdryer.”

The Colour Fade

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Sisqó christened it, and Frank Ocean canonised it, and that sort of heritage is why the colour fade endures. “If you want a colour like this, you’ll have to bleach your hair first, especially for vivids and pastels,” says Meguro. Then, you could use a permanent or semi-permanent dye on top – Bleach London has a solid selection – or, if you’re particularly indecisive, invest in a selection of bright wash-out sprays instead (Meguro’s favourites are by Kryolan). That way, you can easily switch from lime green to powder pink to iced bleach (and yeah, Ocean’s had all three).


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Once upon a time, there was a man called Ben from A1, with the most lustrous curtains the world has ever seen. And now, in 2024, we’re gunning hard once more for clean, pop-boy hair. “Harry has straight, soft hair, so I used a thickening spray to create volume and texture,” says Meguro. “Then, I made a middle parting and flipped up the fringe using a hairdryer for natural ’90s vibes.” At home, spray all over when it’s damp before making a middle parting with a comb, using your nose as a guide. Blow-dry each section with a curling hairbrush to pull your fringe away from your face and over your head. Add cream. Smile big. Release a hyperpop cover of an ’80s pop anthem.

The Buzzcut

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The world’s simplest cut is also the bravest; guys of all ages quake at the idea of shearing back what might be years of hard work. But know that a good buzzcut – the sort that lets your bone structure sing solo – requires a good bit of degradation. “For Casper, it’s 25mm on top, going down to six on the sides and four at the bottom, with each section faded by scissors,” says Meguro. “Keep it to your natural hairline and repeat the cut at least once a month.”

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