Bored of 2024 already? Same. Time to look ahead, then, to jollier prospects. Right now is prime time to plan your holidays for the year — and to strategise the best Valentine’s Day gifts for her. It’s not always an easy task, but it is always a fun one: February 14 is the one evening of year when you can get either/or extremely soppy and overtly sexy without raising an eyebrow.

The best part is that Valentine’s Day is swiftly approaching, signalling the end of January and the real start of the New Year. Ready to make a list of things that’ll make February 14 the first big occasion of 2024? Read on to find out picks of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for her. Not sure what you should be asking her for? You’ll want to hop over to our Valentine’s Day gifts for him guide.

What should I get my girlfriend for Valentine’s Day?

Whether it’s your girlfriend, your wife or even a situationship you’re hoping will develop, if the two of you celebrate Valentine’s Day, you’ll want to start thinking about the gift you’re going to get this year. There are a few routes to travel down here, and one of them is to simply pick a present in the same way you would for an anniversary, birthday or Christmas. Think about what she’s mentioned recently: a Coach bag, a fresh new diary she still hasn’t invested in, cashmere socks for the freezing winter nights in bed. Gifts for her like these work for almost any occasion.

If, however, you’re the kind of couple to get in on the thematic fun, Valentine’s Day is the perfect moment to investigate women’s jewellery, beautiful lingerie and hyperbolic bouquets of flowers — 200 red roses, perhaps? Then, of course, there’s the sex toy route, which can prove particularly fruitful around this time of year. Some of our favourite brands like Lelo and Love Honey are showing bestselling favourites and new inventions in diverse categories. Whichever note you want to hit, there’s a suggestion for you here in our list of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for women.

How do I spoil her on Valentine’s Day?

We wouldn’t normally advocate for cliché, but if you’re ever going to do it, February 14 is the day. Spoiling someone can look different to every couple, but flowers, chocolates and/or plush animals are almost always a Valentine’s Day W. A scented candle and a gorgeous new set of lingerie are other powerful choices, regardless of how hackneyed some (miserable) people might view them. Going out for a meal or a drink on the night itself is another classic move, but we know that prices can get silly, so for those wanting to keep costs down, head to M&S for some great dining in options, or The Cocktail Man for DIY mixology.

How we chose the best Valentine’s gifts for women

Everything in this list has been independently selected by GQ‘s editors and writers. Whether it’s things we’d love for ourselves or pieces the women in our lives have appreciated, the gifts featured here have been chosen for their thoughtfulness and the probability of a delighted reception come February 14. While prices range from affordable to opulent, we have chosen items from brands that we know and trust for their quality.