Take a look at most red carpet events this year and you’ll see so many big fits. Menswear has got wavy. Very Famous Men – from Timothée Chalamet in high shine croc suits to Ncuti Gatwa in galactic coats – have swerved into the left field. But, as Ryan Gosling has just made all too clear, you don’t always need to go weird to work. Nice normal clothes also hit just as hard.

This weekend the Gos was photographed at an “In Conversation with the Barbie cast’ press conference at BFI Southbank in London. America Ferreira was with him, and she wore a high-fashion future priestess. But Gosling, who throughout the Barbie press tour was getting freaky with his bubblegum pink and turquoise Ken-ified Gucci suits, played it safe. He wore a cream wool chore jacket, underneath which sat a scoop neck vest. His trousers were straight cut and sat neatly on a pair of shiny brogues. So far, a normal fit. Classic menswear. The sort of thing you might wear on a first date. Or to dinner with your partner’s parents.

America Ferrera and Ryan Gosling

But Gosling’s fit was red carpet worthy, thanks to a few subtle stylistic moves. His jacket was slightly oversized, and he rolled his cuffs up to give it a bit of attitude (and allow a flash of that Tag Heuer). Extra large breast pockets took the jacket into the more experimental space of red carpet dressing, without it being too OTT. His trousers were masterfully cut to fit his frame, while his shoes were properly buffed and shined.

Gosling has more often than not stuck to the menswear classics – suits, nice jackets and plenty of scoop neck vest-shirt combos – but that’s never a bad thing.